Maze Bar

About Maze Bar

Getting started

Maze Bar was founded by Jesse Clarke. As a busy high-school student and athlete, Jesse often turned to energy bars to keep him fuelled and tide him over between meals. Fed up with 'energy bars' made with syrups, juice extracts, and a whole bunch of ingredients that belong in a chemistry lab, Jesse started making bars for himself. Using just simple household ingredients, he would make and share these bars with friends and family. After receiving overwhelming positive feedback on these bars, he knew he had something special and set out to start a business. It took some time to go from concept to product, and he launched Maze Bar in Q4 2017, at 19 years old. More about Jesse here.

Why it's called Maze Bar

No, Maze Bar has nothing to do with corn, and it’s not just because they’re a-maze-ing (although that’s true too). When you go through a maze you have to find your way around dead ends and challenges on your way. The idea is that Maze Bars provide you with the necessary fuel to conquer the everyday maze and challenges you face in real life.


What most separates Maze Bars from other energy bars is our ingredients. We are extremely strict about what goes into our bars. The only ingredients used in Maze Bars are fruits, nuts and spices. Absolutely nothing else.


Making the bars is a simple three step process. To begin with the ingredients are combined in a stand mixer. Next, they're placed in a bar extruder that forms them into their shape and size. Finally, the bars are placed on a flow wrap machine and packaged into labels.

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