Maze Bar

Jesse Clarke

 My name is Jesse Clarke and I’m the founder of Maze Bar.

I started working on Maze Bar in high school, when I was 17. It began as a personal solution to a problem I had. Previously I used to eat a lot of store bought energy bars because I was constantly looking for a quick snack to fill me up and fuel my body. My problem was that I couldn’t find a bar that fit my needs. It seemed like every bar I bought was made with filler ingredients and syrups, and they left me feeling sluggish and burnt out. I started making my own using just household ingredients, and I would share them with my friends and family. I found they provided me with energy that would last, and I had a noticeable difference in energy compared with the store-bought bars made with artificial ingredients. I also got great feedback from people I shared them with and it was clear that there was a need for a product like this.

Growing up I was always very entrepreneurial. In the summer I would sell water bottles on busy Toronto streets with my friends, I would host game nights in my basement for neighbours to come and play, and as a teen I would resell high-end sneakers and clothing for a profit. I’ve always known I wanted to go into business on my own, and I’m constantly looking for business opportunities and coming up with new ideas. I felt like there was a need for a product like the energy bars I was making at home, and although I didn’t think it would be easy, I thought making a business out of it was possible on my own. Starting Maze Bar and getting it off the ground was funded by myself, and I worked countless hours at my jobs throughout high school to make it possible.

I launched Maze Bar in Q4 2017 when I was 19 years old. My goal is to turn Maze Bar into an internationally distributed food product, available online and in stores around the world.

I plan to launch a number of businesses in various categories throughout my life.

Thank you for your support and interest in Maze Bar.

Jesse Clarke
Founder of Maze Bar

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